R. Nithya

R. Nithya (2013) is a special correspondent for Jamia Journal. She can be reached via email at: [email protected]

OPINION: 17 Again

The other day I was watching Zac Efron in the movie “17 Again” and I remember thinking, what would I do if I were given a chance to rewrite my fate by going back in time to my days in high school. The chance to be “17 Again.” For some reason, I have a thing for high school movies. I ...

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Dept. of Pol. Sci. Holds a Lecture on ‘Coalition Politics in India’ by Dr. E. Sridharan

The Department of Political Science, JMI, organized a seminar on “Coalition Politics in India” on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, by Dr. E. Sridharan. Dr. E. Sridharan is a political scientist, and the Academic Director at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Advanced Study of India. He was a former Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research at New Delhi from ...

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OPINION: Democracy vs. Democracy

Democracy vs. Democracy is a rare event. In the heat of the moment, it could be said that “it happens only in India!” Corruption, in this country, is so understandable that it does not need a definition. But what it so publicly seems to need is an autonomous body punishing it. From the storm of 2G scams and Commonwealth Games ...

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OPINION: The Scoreboard of Life and Death

They say the thing that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. So, maybe I can’t say I am strong yet. Because the scoreboard of my near-death experiences is: Zero. Zilch! My best friend used to go for her evening walks in the park with her next-door neighbor, a girl older to her by a year or two. I knew almost ...

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